Separation of Mosque and State

     The “separation of church and state” has been one of the high holy mantras of the Left, especially the ACLU.  It would seem, though, that this separation only applies to Christian churches and beliefs, and do a degree Judaism.

     Nary a modern school book dare to use A.D. instead of the more politically correct C.E..  If a valedictorian wanted to wax poetic about her abortion, the ACLU would back her because otherwise it would be censorship by the state… yet if that same student wanted to just mention her Christian faith, the ACLU would demand her censorship as she suddenly become an agent of the state.

     But when it comes to the Islamic faith, religious education is just plain spiffy!  Nothing wrong with forcing students to write the Shahada:

“[C]hildren have spent three weeks studying Islam and were assigned to write the Shahada profession of the Islamic faith: ‘Allah is the only god.’ Making the situation worse, parents said the teacher skipped over the section on Christianity.”

     Just imagine what would happen if kids were taught to recite the Lord’s Prayer?  Or the Apostle’s creed?

     To be fair, Christianity is mentioned, but in the context of persecution by other Christian sects:

“The state’s pacing guide says seventh grade social studies begins with the Islamic world, then moves on to studies in ancient Africa. The year ends with the ‘Age of Exploration,’ which is continued in eighth grade.

“Christianity is studied during the Age of Exploration section partly because religious persecution is one of the main reasons pilgrims left in search of a new world, Hanvey said.”

     The Left are all for “separation of church and state”… “separation of mosque and state”, on the other hand…

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