The Inequality of Licenses

     A Kentucky county clerk has been thrown in jail, and may be so thrown again, for refusing to issue Marriage Licenses to same-sex couples, consistent with the Kentucky Constitution but at odds with Anthony Kennedy’s “feelz.”

     The issuance of licenses is either dobuleplusgood or doubleplusungood based on, as Kennedy demonstrated, “feelz”, as the veritable Stacy McCain notes:

“This is what our nation’s liberal elite demands in 2015, because the liberal elite believes in a radical egalitarian ideology in which only those who are deemed ‘oppressed’ have any influence or protection in American society. The law must judge every conflict according to a simple question: ‘Who is the greater “victim of society” here?’ The victims always win, and therefore the only way to ‘win’ is to present yourself as a helpless loser, in order to demand that ‘society’ give you whatever you want as compensation for your oppressed condition.”

     No where better can this be shown than from elected officials refusing to issue licenses for guns and the concealed carry thereof.

“A state official who objects to protecting enumerated constitutional liberties is hardly in the same position as a person objecting to facilitating a ‘right’ five justices created out of whole cloth (historically speaking) five minutes ago. If one can’t see the difference in those propositions, then we should just give up on public discourse entirely because reason and logic no longer matter.”

     This is about the rule of law.  You can not whine about some Democrat in Kentucky refusing to issue licenses to same-sex couples, and then turn around and defend the actions of the Left:

“Kim Davis MUST follow the rule of law and issue the marriage licenses. Absolutely must.

“But Washington DC isn’t issuing gun permits despite being directly ordered by the SCOTUS to do so.

“But immigration laws are not just being ignored, they are being flouted with impunity by the Obama Administration and Democrat sanctuary cities.

“But the IRS refused to issue permits to conservative non-profits, holding them in limbo for years and possibly influencing the outcome of the 2012 election.”

     The Left does not believe in the Rule of Law.  They only trot it out when it is convenient.  When it is no longer convenient, to the glue factory with it!

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