Sexual Privacy Goes Humpty Dumpty

     The Progressive left, back-in-the-day, declared they were champions of sexual privacy and that the state had no business “in the bedroom.”  From this they built a legal cascade that goes from forcing the government to transport contraceptives to guaranteeing abortions.  That they have the government forcing private thirds parties to provide abortificients, subsidize organ harvesting, and even moral affirmation of what the Left deems sexually spiffy.

     But the Progressive Left do not actually believe in sexual privacy.  They simply used the government to force these new mores on the people for public acceptance and affirmation, with the bizarre notion that a right to privacy necessarily means the state forces you to facilitate and celebrate someone else’s “private” acts.  If actual privacy when it comes to sexual matters stands in opposition to the Progressive’s utopian vision, than that real right of privacy is tossed aside.

     In 2012, the City of Los Angeles banned the production of porn films unless condoms were used.  Now a measure will be on the statewide California ballot in 2016 to make it mandatory statewide.  But even that isn’t enough…

     Now there is a demand that porn stars private medical records be made available for third party perusal:

“The AIDS Healthcare Foundation has subpoenaed medical records of porn performers dating back as far as 2007. That means even the records of stars who have retired or died will be examined.

“The Free Speech Coalition, a trade organization representing members of the porn industry, warned its membership in August of the subpoenas.

“A blog posted on the Free Speech Coalition’s website called the subpoenas ‘a clear HIPPA violation, and an affront to performer dignity.’

“The Coalition warned the opening of performers’ medical records would expose them to ‘hackers, stalkers, the government, and to the AHF (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) itself.’

“Porn stars angered by the subpoenas aimed their wrath, as they have every day of this two year-plus battle, at the head of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Michael Weinstein.

“‘These subpoenas are unconscionable, indecent and offensive. Performers deserve better than to have would be “porn czar” Michael Weinstein peeking through their blinds and snooping through their private medical records,’ the Free Speech Coalition claimed on its blog. ‘We call on Michael Weinstein to call off this noxious campaign, and for the board of AIDS Healthcare Foundation to #RemoveWeinstein.'”

     We have gotten to that Humpty-Dumpty point where the right of privacy involves the government forcing private third parties to subsidize a person’s lifestyle, but excludes actually keeping a person’s medical records private.

     It is not, nor never was, the point of “medical privacy” about privacy, it was about “which is to be master — that is all.”

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