A Fundamental Right Affirmed

     Your right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and many others have been found by courts to stop at the door of commerce.  Indeed, sacrificing these rights under the dictate of judges and politicians is “the price of citizenship“.  The right of businesses has been constrained and negated… when it serves the biased aims of the state.

     However, would a court side with a truly fundamental right, when lesser and eve non-existed ones are imposed?  In Utah, the answer is “YES”.

     The Utah Supreme Court ruled that the right of an employee to defend themself at work is a fundamental right, and declared: “We conclude that the policy favoring the right of self-defense is a public policy of sufficient clarity and weight to qualify as an exception to the at-will employment doctrine.”

     One can take the position that this is in error as a business can impose any imposition that an employee has agree to abide to, but  you can not legitimately that that position if you concede that pseudo-rights can be imposed on businesses, but the most fundamental of rights can not.

     The court decision can be read here, or below:

Ray, Et Al. v. Wal-Mart by Ben Winslow

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