There Were Gay Orgies in Mecca?

     One things the Progressives are hell bent on is ret-conning the past to fit their delusional narrative.  Based on the idea of “Kyriarchy,” all the problems in the world are the cause of a small cabal of straight White cis-gendered X-tian males.  For this to work, it would mean that every civilization outside of the “White” Western Civilization (which apparently stole everything from everyone else, because “evil”), recognized homosexuality at being normal and acceptable, was run by a Matriarchy™, didn’t recognize the existence of “gender”, &c.

     First the “truths” that they are trying to push:

     Now, for a little fisking…

  1.      Calling something “White” rather than mainstream is a clever way of committing cultural homocide.  The truth of the matter is that America was founded as a series of English colonies and our society is Anglo-Saxon based with Anglo-Saxon liberties. What is amazing about America, is that those values transcend race, and is open to anyone who wants to join in. By labeling American society at “White” they can compartmentalize it as just one of many aspects of “America”, and then denigrate it to be overthrown, based on the idea that it is so “institutional” that Social Justice dictates we teach anything but that.
  2.      “Whiteness” is a slur that is used to denigrate anything the Progressives don’t care for.  It also assumes that “Whiteness” exists solely as a means of oppressing everyone else.  This ignores that fact that it was Whites, specifically of the Anglo-Saxon culture, who fought against slavery, not only domestically, but abroad as well.
  3.      Unity is division; division is strength.  Dammit, 1984 was not a “how-to” manual!
  4.      “Homophobia” and “Transphobia” are not the creation of White Imperialists.  Every other civilization has realized that men are not women, nor women men, nor was there a major civilization that treated homosexuality on the same level as heterosexuality.  Do these people believe that there were lesbian orgies in Mecca?  That the Inca celebrated anal sex?  That no other civilization recognized that there was a difference between men and women?  Most of the “evidence” for their claims has as much validity as modern-day crystal-worshiping neo-Pagan nitwits being the keepers of some sacred tradition.
  5.      “Shut up,” they explained.  Better make sure that no dissenting view is allowed or else people may disagree with the “truth” of Social Justice!

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