Doctors are Oppressive Deniers

     One of the rational questions posed to mentally ill special little snowflakes concerns self-diagnosticaton:

“Why do you believe self-diagnosis is okay? It is smart to be aware of your symptoms and research possible causes, but to diagnose oneself without seeking a medical professional…? That doesn’t seem like a good idea, if doctors are available.”

     Unsurprisingly, the mentally ill tucute polygener aurokin, “ryuu,” with multiple personalities (and who uses faun/fei/cel pronouns) declares:

“(strroy for typsos pple triggered me)

“slef diagnoisi is good bc uase the docotros in ourr system ar eusually gateklkepres and no teveryowne has scaaces to thmem uwu uu

“(im sorrry im shakign realy bad)”

     Looking over the posts of “ryuu” it becomes obvious that this person needs professional help.

     Sad… just sad.

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