The Four Percent Misconception

     Child molestation advocate Alfred Kinsey declared that only 10% of people were straight with gay and bisexual individuals being a full 90% of the population.  Now-a-days, despite gays and bisexuals probably comprising only a few percent of the population, young people believe that nearly one third, if not more, of the population if homosexual or bisexual.  Throw in a penchant for inventing genders left and right, and you have some deluded fools saying that non-LGBTQ&c. comprise less than 4% of the population!

     So sure of this, the special little snowflake doesn’t even know if she(?) has ever met a “cishet” before?

     It’s like cis-gendered heterosexuals are like mythical creatures like vampires, slenderman, or an honest politician!

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