Women vs Womyn vs Trans-Women

     Looks like a poster the declares the “identity” of “non-binary persons” is valid (non-binary obviously meaning ’80’s fashion reject) has sparked another quibble between “trans-women” (i.e. men who think they are chicks) and actual women.

     The Poster:

     The cross-accusations:

     Campuses are making themselves as unfriendly to  cis-gendered heterosexual White males, so it becomes inevitable that once you start running them off, you have to find another oppressor to justify your moral status as “victim.”

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One Response to Women vs Womyn vs Trans-Women

  1. avatar BikerDad says:

    We do live in troubling times. Back in the day, when the lunatics were IN the asylum rather than running the rest of the world, any individual of non-royal lineage who referred to himself (or herself) as “they” would have been referred, often involuntarily, to a psychiatrist.

    One would think that this abundance of clearly broken and crazy people NOT seeing psychiatrists would have led to the collapse of the profession, much as a century ago the abundance of people no longer driving buggies led to a collapse of the buggy whip making profession. Yet, it is not so.

    As I said, troubling times. Troubling times indeed.

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