The Skankification of America in Two Pictures

     A couple of years ago, blogger “zombie” pointed out the decline and fall of Western civilization as encapsulated in a single photo comparing Rupert Schmid’s 1895 statue “California Venus” and Viola Frey’s 1965 monstrosity “Pink Lady.”  Only 80 years separated the two.

     Perhaps another comparison can be made in two pictures from 89 years apart of actual human beings.  First, let us examine 2013’s infamous VMA performance of Miley Cyrus twerking with her tongue out.

     Now, let us take a gander at the photo of Miss America from 1924:

     Notice how the in the 1924 photo, the young lady didn’t need to pose in an over-sexualized manner, feel the need to stick her tongue out like a dog in heat, or otherwise convince pre-teen girls that acting like a sperm receptacle was the “in thing.”

     In other words, one did not have to act like a skank to be seen at attractive or beautiful.  Now-a-days people like Miley are anything but.

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