Gay Man Stands Up To Equality NAZIs

     It is one thing to ask for tolerance.  It is another to crush dissent and rub your defeated enemies nose in the dirt.

     A UKIP Member of the European Parliament, David Coburn, who happens to be gay, has called out the “Equality NAZIs” who redefined the meaning of the word “marriage” and force everyone else to support that.

     He fought for and fully supports a civil partnership, with all the rights of marriage.  His opposition to forcing same-sex marriage on people is based on libertarian grounds:  It is insulting to people who hold that marriage is a union of a man and a woman.

     Going out of your way to pick a fight with a person of faith is antithetical to real tolerance.  For those who actually care about real tolerance, those who believe that marriage is a union between a man and a woman but are willing to let same-sex partners to have civil unions — and let the same-sex couple call the union a marriage — are far more tolerant than those “Equality NAZIs” who want to push their beliefs on others.

     It is also the danger of political correctness: Redefining words so they mean whatever you want them to mean.  And if you can control the language in a way that forces others to shut up and blindly accept your point of view, nothing stops others from doing the same to you.

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