Polykin: The Future of “Social Justice”?

     Within a span of forty years, homosexuality has gone from being classified as a mental illness and a criminal act, to a rarified position that it is illegal to oppose in many, if not most, instances.

     In an even shorter time, cross-dressing has transformed from a form of British comedy, to an absolute right where you can be condemned for not calling a man a women, or visa versa.

     Where then next?

     Incest, polygamy, and ephebophilia/hebophilia are the obvious next choices, but then what?

     As noted before, “species is just a social construct.”

     Seem crazy?

     Is declaring oneself to be an “otherkien” who identifies with being an animal or fictional character anymore crazy today, than a man declaring himself to be a little girl was forty or fifty years ago?

     Sadly, “otherkin” are quite real… or at least those declaring themselves so would proclaim:”

     What could go beyond that?  The idea of being polysexual, queer, intersexual, or “fluid,” regarding sexuality has already been established.  Expanding such insanity to species or even reality itself doesn’t seem like that great of a step anymore…

     Yes, soon if you don’t wax poetic about how “polykin” are oppressed, then you will be considered a “H8r” to be crushed by the Social Justice Warriors.

     This isn’t just about “furries,” this is about tossing reality aside and replacing it with delusional fantasies…

     Have we fallen this far as a civilization?

     History will surely tell… and doubtfully in any positive sense.

     P.S. Both posts were fount via the “TumbleInAction” sub-reddit.

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