In Answer to Boy George

     Boy George ponders just WTF happened with the Rotherham molestation cover-up.

     To put it bluntly, the perpetuators, who are of [CENSORED] ethnicity and of the [CENSORED] faith, are protected because they are the highest up on the Politically Correct pyramid o’ the oppressed.  Boy George himself should be worried over making these types of statements because as a Gay man, he is lower on said pyramid o’ the oppressed AND as a Gay man is a prime target of those same perpetuators.

     When Politically Correct government officials excuse horrible excesses amongst some group, they are giving license to monsters, and thus encourage such evil.

     There is a reason that many of the “right-wing” anti-Immigrant/anti-Islamist parties in Europe are lead by Gay men.

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One Response to In Answer to Boy George

  1. avatar Kristophr says:

    Not all of the Islamics involve in the ring were gay.

    “Grooming” young girls is a fairly standard form of bad behavior by this group. A similar pedo ring, run by Saudi students at PSU in Portland OR, was broken up by the police there in the 1980s.