Same Sex Marriage Supporters Denounces Same Sex Marriage

     In New Zealand, same-sex marriage supporters denounce the marriage between two men.  Why?  Because the men getting married to each other are straight.

     Two heterosexual best friends are getting married in order to win a radio contest:

“Otago University Students’ Association Queer Support co-ordinator Neill Ballantyne, of Dunedin, said the wedding was an”insult” because marriage equality was a ‘hard fought” battle for gay people.

“‘Something like this trivialises what we fought for.’ The competition promoted the marriage of two men as something negative,”as something outrageous that you’d never consider”, Mr Ballantyne said.

“LegaliseLove Aotearoa Wellington co-chairman Joseph Habgood said the competition attacked the legitimacy of same-sex marriages.

     If a different-sex couple got married to win a contest, would there be a similar outcry.  The existence of television shows like “The Bachelor” suggest not.

     What this is, is hypocrisy.  Marriage has been relegated to legal benefits and the authority to use the normative power of the law to effect social change.  Marriage once was “A social more protect by law intended to channel the energy and sexual drive of men and women into a stable family where children can be loved and raised.”  One could argue that same-sex marriage trivializes that far more than two straight men getting married.

     Perhaps it is that such same-sex heterosexual marriages reduced the power of same-sex marriage to be use to change society?

     Or perhaps some same-sex marriage supporters are just biased against heterosexuals?

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