The Law Doesn’t Apply to Nevada Democrats, Again

     In 2012, the Democrats ran a candidate for Assembly who didn’t live in the district, according to a judge’s ruling.  That is illegal.  Despite this, Assemblyführerin Kirkpatrick decided to ignore that and seat that illegally elected candidate regardless.

     Now, it looks like they may very well be willing to do so again.  Assembly candidate Meghan Smith “has decided to run in a district that she, too, wasn’t legally a proper resident of at the time of filing.”  If true, then the precedent set in 2012 will have far more immediate consequences then most believed.

     A similar situation in 2014 is claimed to be happening right now.

“‘We have credible evidence that leads us to believe Meghan Smith did not live in Assembly District 34 for the legally mandated 30 days before filing to run for the seat,’ maintains GOP operative Nick Phillips in a complaint filed with the Nevada Secretary of State.

“‘We have noticed that it is not possible for Ms. Smith to have actually lived in her new address and within Assembly District 34 by the deadline as she did not actually own that property at that time.'”

     We all know how this will end.

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