I Can Haz Diversity?

     Out: Geography.

     In: Validating students through “diversity” and “inclusion”.

     El Rancho Unified School District in California (of course) will no longer require students take geography, and instead be indoctrinated with Progressive bromides on “diversity” and “inclusion.”

     And we all know what that means.

     But hey how bad can it be?


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3 Responses to I Can Haz Diversity?

  1. avatar Wow says:

    So you’re a racist who sucks at news I see. The video your posting is over a year old at this point. Thought editorials and claims should be based on current events.

    • avatar The Political Hat says:

      If you reject anything that is more than a year from the current date, then you are a fool?

      Perhaps you should consider the basis for your incoherent claims before blaming anyone who doesn’t live inside the now.


  2. avatar Country Singer says:

    What I took away from “Wow”‘s comment was, “Hat, you big meany! Stop reminding us lefties of our long track record of being idiots! You should only use current examples!”

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