Revealed at Last: The “Engine” of Oppression

     At long last the “engine” of classism, homophobia, heterosexism, sexism, &c. has bee revealed in all its kyriarchical evil: Thomas the Tank Engine!

Pictured: Oppression Incarnate

     Over at the perpetual Leftist self-parody The Guardian, it is explained how a children’s show is basically propaganda.  They have an evil capitalist overlord who enslaves the engines in a neo-colonial fashion, where evil trains have black smoke while good trains have white smoke… well, white steam because they are steam engines and the other ones are diesel.  But then The Guardian wouldn’t let a little thing like facts or even reality interfere in a good deconstruction of harmless show.

     Apparently the lack of female trains and oppresses girls by telling them they can’t be trains or something.  Also, Thomas the train himself pushes oppressive gender constructs because one of its many episodes has Thomas being made fun of for having pink paint.  Because there is nothing more oppressive to trans-gendered toddlers then the modern day association of pink with girls.

     Yes this oppression is so great, it makes the author of the article from The Guardian “scream.”

     It just goes to show you that when your entire worldview is based on dividing the world into oppressors and the oppressed, you will always see oppression… even in an innocent show for toddlers.

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