Two-For-One: A Democrat Attacks the First AND Second Amendment at the Same Time

     Freshman Democrat member of Congress Robin Kelly wants to outlaw all gun related merchandise or political goods that are targeted to children.

     This would effectively outlaw goods related to the NRA’s Eddie Eagle program that promotes gun safety, or their annual youth day.  It would also ban any advertising or weapon aimed at persons under the age of 18.  If a parent of guardian wants to teach their child how to shoot, then why is that such a problem, and why shouldn’t companies be able to cater to those parents needs.  A day out shooting at a gun range can be good clean family fun.

Admit it. This is cute.

     While some may just make a parallel with cigarettes, the parallel is a false one.  There is nothing wrong with a child being taught gun safety, or even using a gun legally.  It would ban “youth-oriented colors” for firearms… so no more “Hello Kitty” Kalishnikovs!  Unlike with cigarettes, the right to keep and bear arms is a Constitutionally protected right.

     The aim of the proposed bill is clear:  To do whatever it takes to further the keeping of dissenting thoughts away from children so that all the children hear is anti-2nd Amendment propaganda.  In other words, it seeks to demonize and denormalize firearms.

     Prohibiting pro-2nd Amendment goods and messaging is also an attack on the 1st Amendment.  But then, some people just don’t like people exercising their fundamental rights in a way that deviates from what the anti-2nd Amendment crowd.

     Below is a copy of the bill:

N. R. 5093

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