Queer as a Three Dollar Bill

     Remember when the Department of Justice circulated fliers declaring that you are a “H8r” unless you proactively celebrate homosexuality and cross-dressing?  Just think that this was a fringe move by the Obama administration?  Think again.  Now corporatist lapdog companies are working overtime to ferret out any and all “H8rz” who do not side with the agenda of the “Gay Rights” movement.

     The bank, Chase, sent out a mandatory employee survey that explicitly connected responses with the individual employees.  Therein they asked:

  1. A person with disabilities
  2. A person with children with disabilities
  3. A person with a spouse/domestic partner with disabilities
  4. A member of the LGBT community
  5. An ally of the LGBT community, but not personally identifying as LGBT

     What happens to the employees who, by not checking the last question in the affirmative, seem to declare themselves as not “allies.”   It suggests that one must either be an “ally” of political and social stances to normalize homosexuality and/or cross-dressing, or someone who opposes a favored group of individuals, and thus are to be labeled “H8rz” and so demonized as evil incarnate.

     Multiple reports appears to confirm this.  Ironic, though, that after declaring the Hobby Lobby does not have a “religion” or “moral beliefs,” the Left fully support corporations that fire “H8rz” who don’t fully support that corporations “values.”

     Utilizing the Left’s own twisted definitions, here we clearly see an exercise of power.  In other words, “Privilege.”  Thus, by the Left’s own definition, anyone who isn’t an “ally” is being oppressed!

     LOL, just kidding.  The Left preemptively defines straight people as evil, and will twist their definitions to fit that pre-determined definition.  The only “justice” they recognize is the imposition of their beliefs and values on society.

     This rot is deep.  This will not end well…

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3 Responses to Queer as a Three Dollar Bill

  1. avatar Hawkins1701 says:

    Indeed it won’t.

    The Left will keep pushing in this vein even after SCOTUS legalizes gay marriage everywhere. It’s too useful of a sledgehammer against the Left’s enemies.

    Start destroying livelihoods, ending free speech, and shutting down churches…..at some point, the divisions and consequences become too embittered for the civil society to hold.

    This culture war, winner-take-all style, is just warming up. And good people will get destroyed for no reason before it ever calms down.

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  3. avatar TGA says:

    “5. An ally of the LGBT community, but not personally identifying as LGBT”

    Allied against whom, exactly?

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