Not Even Being Pro-Gay Marriage Is Enough to Save You From the Progressive Mob

     A law professor who supports Gay marriage is being attacked for his writings and his views.  What dastardly Reich-wing H8rs are doing this?  Why, radical LGBTQ groups!


     Huh?  Why would they go after that professor, Douglas Laycock, who supports Gay Marriage?  Because he isn’t radical enough!  He is one of the few Modern Liberals (as opposed to Progressive jackbooted thugs), who believe that people that he disagrees with also have rights.  He has stated such dastardly things as:

“My position has always been that liberty in America is for everyone… It’s for both sides in the culture wars. I believe that we should protect gays and lesbians in their right to live their own lives, including their right to get married, and we should protect religious conscientious objectors.”

     There have been veiled threats demanding that Laycock think of “the real world consequences” of his opinions along with open letters of denunciation and an attempt to dig up any and all potential dirt on him.  As punishment, the group GetEQUAL is subjecting him to a FOIA request for any all … the same type of request that is causing Michael Mann to have a hissy-fit.

     Is this really any surprise?

     In this brave new world, you can support the Progressive cause but still be deemed an enemy simply for believing that the other side has rights as well!  In the firing of Eich from Mozilla, the refrain was that the company could refuse to associate with someone that opposed their values.  Yet this does not apply when the values are those that the Progressive Left oppose.

     Heck, even beyond just supporters of Gay Marriage, the rabid Left are willing to gay bash homosexuals who don’t speak as they are told to speak!

     Punishments can be draconian.  In the case of the Colorado baker who did not want to contribute to a “Gay Wedding” (despite Gay Marriage still not being legal in Colorado), the baker has been ordered by Colorado’s “Civil Rights Commission” to “now report quarterly on whether he is serving same-sex customers, among other conditions.”  Not simply willing to punish once, the Left demand perpetual groveling at their feet. And just what is this “Civil Rights Commission?”

“The ‘Civil Rights Commission’ is a kangaroo court. Their mandate is to find people brought before it guilty of discrimination. That is their raison d’être, and the members of the commission are chosen to prove discrimination is present.”

     This, of course, has nothing to do with discrimination on the basis of sexual proclivity.  Most of these bakers, florists, and photographers are happy to serve customers regardless of if they are gay or straight.  It is that they are being forced to contribute their speech to what they are morally opposed to.  In other words, the baker’s “original objection was not to baking a cake for people who were of same-sex orientation, he had no problem with that. It was the purpose of the event he objected to participating in, not the identity of the customers”

     Are not people free to decline to use their personal creative abilities to promote and endorse an event or ceremony they do not morally agree with?  If not, shouldn’t this apply to everyone equally?  Ought not then a Black baker be forced to a birthday cake for the local head of the Ku Klux Klan, since that would discriminate on the basis of “race” in the same way that not helping out a Gay “Wedding” discriminates on the basis of “sexual orientation.”

     Hah!  the truth of the matter is that incorrect thinking will be punished.


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