Obama’s Post-Election Assault on the Suburbs

     The Obama administrations jihad against the Middle-Class, the Suburbs, and the independence of the individual that those bring, is poised to spring forth… after the election.

     The “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” rule seeks to push people into compact urban living, and to “equalize” these urban communities into a homogeneous monoculture.  While the idea might be that the rich suburbs will now be forced to share equally with everyone, thus creating an egalitarian utopia, the reality is that the Progressive disasters of their urban experimentation will be spread to everyone else like an infection… those who are more equal than others excepted, of course.

     This scheme has been delayed until after the November election, so as to not scare away the Proles voters.  But once Obama doesn’t have to worry about an election again, his will shalt be imposed:

“[T]he long-delayed issuing of the finalized version of AFFH is now scheduled for December of 2014, right after the midterms.  The Obama administration seems to specialize in short-circuiting democratic accountability.  Obama’s reelection bid would likely have failed had he not delayed the implementation of Obamacare until after 2012… Now Obama plans to launch a housing initiative dedicated to gutting suburban independence and urbanizing America, but only after the midterms.

“I can’t think of an issue more worthy of public debate and discussion in advance of the 2014 midterm election than the AFFH rule and the Obama administration’s ‘regionalist’ housing policies.  You can see dry runs for what Obama hopes to do with his new housing rule in recent planning initiatives in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Twin Cities.  This is a hugely ambitious program.”

     So shall it be written; so shall it be done.

     This, sadly, may end up being training for a future fellow goer:

“[there is] a way to break the administration’s silence on the AFFH before than. Obama has nominated Julian Castro, widely touted as a possible 2016 Democratic vice-presidential candidate, to replace Shaun Donovan as Secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Donovan helped formulate the administration’s policies for how we should live, and HUD will administer the AFFH regulations once they go into effect.”

     Is it really surprising that Obama his helping to train another future candidate who comes from an anti-American pedigree?  Castro’s mother helped found a racial supremacist group called “The Race United” that seeks to create lebensraum for “the race” by cleaving it from America… to the detriment of other races, particularly Whites.

     Enjoy your future, citizen…

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