A Few Humorous Senate Campaign Commercials

     With the 2014 campaign continuing to ramp up, the campaign commercials have been coming out like a transvestite at the Folsom Street Fair.  While most tend to be forgettable, some good and snarky ones have already come out.

     A few of the better ones:

     Rep. Tom Cotton’s ad that pokes fun at Sen. Pryor’s assertion that Cotton was “entitled” because he had served in the military:

     A Congressman in Michigan asserted that his female Republican opponent Terri Lynn Land was waging a #WarOnWomen.  Land astutely replied:

     “As a woman, I might know a little bit more about women than Gary Peters” Land stated.  But then, that doesn’t count to the Left, as only traitors to their sex vote Republican, as far as the Left is concerned.

Finally, Georgia Congressional candidate want to make sure you know he’s the only licensed gun dealer running for Congress. And he has a “little something” to make sure you remember that:

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