Public School Social Science Curriculum: Creating “Social Justice” Activists

     The official curriculum of the Canadian Province of Ontario explicitly declares that it is meant to create “Social Justice” Activists.

     An  official document for the Province of Ontario which outlines “Social Justice” advocacy training.

     Some of the major points include:

  • Trade Unionism as a form of supporting “equity and social justice objectives”
  • Gay Pride festivals
  • Feminist analysis
  • Queer theories
  • Critical race theory
  • Karl Marx’s philosophy
  • Poverty is Racist and Sexist
  • Equity and Social Justice implications of environmental issues
  • Praising advocates of forced sterilization/eugenics
  • Liberation theology
  • Praise for Greenpeace
  • “Diversity Trainer” as a career
  • “Whiteness” = Power + Privilege

     The full document can be seen below:

Social Sciences and Humanities 2013 Curriculum by ThePoliticalHat

     Hat Tip: Blazing Cat Fur viaSocialist Studies” blog.

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