Being “Anti-Racist” Doesn’t Justify Racial Harassment

     A “Professor of English and African diaspora” at a Minnesota community college was recently reprimanded for pushing, in class, the idea of “structural racism” and upsetting some White students enough that they lodged a complain for the racially directed derogatory rant.

     “Structural racism” is basically “institutional racism” and part of Critical Race Theory that declares that all of society is an invention by the White man to keep his unearned privilege by oppressing others, and that society is thus only defined by that oppression.  The consequence of that is article of faith that anything done by a White man is racist and oppressive, so the opposition to racism and oppression is defined, in part, by the defeat of White people and the evil the somehow effuse.  When “Whiteness” is somehow false and oppresive, the existence of White people is an evil to be corrected, and “anti-racism” becomes racism itself.

     So, a professor who believes in and teaches an innately false and oppressive ideology throws a tantrum when the targets of her hate complain about it?  It is a sad ideology that only thinks of people in terms of race, or other simplistic categories, and then declares that unequal treatment to be good when it is targeted at the “bad” race/gender/&c.  It is an ideology that labels the attributes of one race evil and others to be innocent.

     The truth of the matter is that America has as its basis a heritage that originated with the Anglo-Saxons, but was at its core not a heritage based not on race, but on civic values and institutions.  Since this country was based on that, of course in that regards it is at it’s core something derived from “White” culture, though it transcends the limitation of blood to become something that everyone can embrace and become part of.

     It is this innate sense of inalienable rights, the rule of law, and the concept that the law ought to apply equally to people that defines America.  It is not some crazy conspiracy of “Kyriarchy“.  This civic basis of our American heritage is not at its core defined by oppression of others, but stands quite independent of it and actually conflicts therewith.

     It is the ideology people like that professor that is hateful, false, and oppressive.  Treating people unequally, and denigrating them into but pre-defined groups with pre-defined group interests, is the very core ethos of that ideology.

     The co-called fight for “tolerance,” “liberation,” and “equality” therefore becomes a fight to destroy society through intolerance, oppression, and inequality, so that a “tolerant,” “liberated,” and “equal” society can be based on an ideology that was rooted in intolerance, oppression, and unequal treatment of the destroyed society (which was somehow tolerant, liberated, and equal enough to allow the supplanting ideology overthrow it).

     It is pure hypocrisy.  To condemn “Whiteness” for treating people unequally to protect “unearned privilege” while turning around and declaring that treating people unequally in order to protect their own privileged positions of power and control demonstrates that they don’t give a damn about actually treating people equally or stopping people for using race for or against people.  In truth, the purveyors of that sick ideology simply declare Whites and “Whiteness” to be evil and oppressive and define them as such (which is how “racism” becomes by definition nothing more than “stuff White people think/do), while declaring everyone else to be pure and good.  In other words:  Devils vs. angels.

     That civic heritage is antithetical to inequality, and people who embrace that can be guilted when society strays from that because at their core they know it is wrong.  Heck, they can be guilted even at false claims!  In contrast, the sick ideology that that professor shares is perfectly consistent with treating people unequally and doing so with affirmation and applause.

     Hat Tip: Instapundit.

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