A Failure of Republican Congressional Leadership

     After all the theater and drama, a continuing resolution and debt limit hike were agreed upon by the Senate and House of Representatives.  Rather then a defunding of Obamacare, or any other victory, the Republicans got less than nothing.  The Republican leadership in Congress has FAILED.

     The resolution contains several proposals that the Democrats won, which would not have been part of a “clean” continuing resolution or debt limit hike, such as giving the millionaire widow of the late Sen. Lautenberg nearly $200 Thousand as a “pension.”

     Also included was a provision that gives the President the authority to take on debt unless 2/3 of Congress disagrees!  If only Augustus were that lucky!

     This is a clear failure of leadership on behalf of the Republicans in Congress.  Above all, it is a failure of Speaker Boehner and the rest of the GOP leadership team.  They need to step down and give someone else a try.  This isn’t about conservative vs. moderate, Tea Party vs. establishment, or even about which side was even right about the entire continuing resolution and debt ceiling dilemma.

     It is about competency and the ability to lead.  Speaker Boehner and his “leadership” team have proven themselves to be failures.  DrewM, a regular commentator at Ace of Spades HQ puts it bluntly:

     Check out DrewM’s complete twitter polemic.

     For those in Nevada,  Reps. Heck (R), Horsford (D), and Titus (D) all voted in favor while Rep. Amodai (R) voted against, as did Sen. Heller.

     As an added kick in the [CENSORED], the Republicans lost a U. S. Senate seat with the election of Cory Booker.


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