A Stopped Clock in California

     With California hurtling down the path to ruin, Gomorrah, and a New Feudalism due to being under the deathgrip of radical Leftists with 2/3 majority in the legislature, as well as the governorship of Gov. Moonbeam himself, one would expect nothing but horrible legislation.

     Indeed, much horrible legislation has been passed and signed into law.  However, much like a stopped clock, Gov. Moonbeam gets it right and vetoes the extreme idiocy of the California Grand Soviet Legislature.

     Moonbeam vetoed the proposed law that would have seated non-citizens on juries.  Even though he signed bills allowing illegal aliens to not only vote but to practice law, he is still being criticized like the Bolsheviks criticized the Mensheviks:

“The sponsor of the jury bill, Democratic Assemblyman Bob Wieckowski, expressed dismay at the veto, likening rules disqualifying permanent residents from jury service to long-discarded laws that kept black people and women from serving.”

     The people for whom United States law is an alien law to them, as well as being violators of that law, being allowed to practice law was bad enough, but it will only be a matter of time before a pliable enough Progressive allows a bill to allow non-citizens to sit on juries, or even for illegal aliens to sit on juries, if not outright vote.

     Moonbeam also vetoed the ban on semi-automatic rifles.  The law would have outlawed all semi-automatic rifles that had an acceptable magazine, which would have banned almost all rifles in California.  Lest anyone think that Gov. Moonbeam actually cares about our 2nd Amendment rights, he signed about a dozen of other anti-gun bills including a ban on lead-ammo for hunting, which would effectively ban hunting with firearms in California.

     The sad thing is that these vetoes do not indicate that Gov. Moonbeam is a “moderate,” but only that the rabid Left in California will do even more to drag the Fools’ Golden State towards the “utopia” of a People’s Republic…

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