The Bias of “Anti-Bias” Laws

     The City of San Antonio is going to ban anyone and everyone who has ever uttered a non-Politically Correct statement about homosexuality or cross-dressing from working for the city, contracting for the city, or even sitting on its various governing and advisory boards.

     This is just another example of the absolute intolerance and hypocrisy of the Progressive left.  That this was spearheaded by Mayor Castro, who has been tapped as a political rising star and may very well be on the Presidential ticket in the next few Presidential elections, underlies the nature of the vindictive ordinance.

     People can be required to forfeit their 1st Amendment rights and cater to events that celebrate homosexuality because of “non-discrimination” laws that say you have to cater to everyone equally even if it means voiding said their 1st Amendment rights.  The excuse is that business owners allegedly express what they want privately.  Yet, a city government can discriminate against people who privately disagree!

     The full proposed ordinance can bee seen below:

Proposed San Antonio Ordinance banning people who hold "Bias"

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