The Coming Cyanofication of Texas?

     Attorney General Eric Holder is suing the state of Texas in order to bring the state back into “pre-clearance” status under the Voting Rights Act.  Ever since the U. S. Supreme Court ruled the nearly half-century old list of states & jurisdictions required to seek “pre-clearance” for changes in districting and voting laws, the rabid racial left have sought to re-impose such restrictions, especially if those changes serve to protect the integrity of the vote.

     Holder’s action are also part of the multi-faceted attack on Texas by a hydra of Progressive groups who are hell bent on turning Texas blue:

     The turning of Texas into a Democrat stronghold would cement the Progressives into a permanent electoral majority.  Coupled with a rabid hate of George W. Bush and Texas’ economic success, it is no wonder why the Progressives hate them so.

     The cyanofication, i.e. the turning blue, of Texas would be the feather in the cap of the Progressive movement.

     A little mood music:

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