Is the Future of Texas Blue?

     Texas now stands as a sane bastion of low taxes and business friendliness in a country lorded over by Pres. Obama. In large part, this is due to the solid hold over the state by Republicans. While many in the leadership of the Texas GOP are far from rock-ribbed conservatives, they have nonetheless stood against the blue tide of the Progressive left.

     The once Democrat state abandoned the democrats as they changed from blue dogs conservatives into the Progressive statists they have not become. However, Texas is second only to California in terms of its population, and hence the number of Electoral Votes to be cast every four years. With a burgeoning Hispanic population, the left sees Texas as ripe for a Democrat take-over; San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro‘s prominent speech during the DNC 2012 convention is proof enough for that.

     It remains to be seen if Texas can be turned “blue” with the millions of conservative refugees from blue states arriving to the state. But with such a tempting prize, there are plenty of those on the left that wish their Progressive cancer to fully metastasize and invade every corner of every state in the Union.

     A little mood music, perhaps?

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