Nevada Secretary of State Loves the Dead

     Nevada Secretary of State, candidate for state Attorney General, and clown-car democracy proponent Ross Miller has made the brave stand to protect the rights of… mannequins and zombies.

     Little Ross got the vapors over a mannequin of a zombie gun control advocate sold for target shooting.

     What is truly revolting is politicians who espouse faux moral outrage as a pretext for violating the Bill of Rights

     Since when did mannequins and zombies become “those with divergent political views”?

     Little Ross gallantly stands up for “unarmed mannequins,” since target shooting is somehow not “civil” and not “legal.”

     Face… meet palm:

     Frighteningly, that the man who wants to be Nevada’s Attorney General, finds that excercising our fundamental liberties is uncivil or illegal

     Of course, Little Ross, friend and protector of zombies, doesn’t seem to care about the liberties… or the lives… of real human beings.

Ross Miller’s priorities: Bros Zombies before hoes!

Sadly, he has his supporters, who clearly share his disdain for the 1st and 2nd Amendments:

     However, the self-beclownment of Little Ross is far too obvious for those with more than a few neurons flashing inside their skull:

     Ultimately, Little Ross’ demonstrated idiocy explains so much about his tenure as Nevada’s Secretary of State, and his future goals as Nevada’s Attorney General:

     A little mood music:

     Update: James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal had an article about Connecticut Sen. Murphy also having the vapors over this zombie mannequin.

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