Alec Baldwin, More Equal than Others

     Alec Baldwin has yet again stirred a bit of controversy by going off on an anti-homosexual tirade.  One would think that LGBTQ groups would condemn Baldwin, but instead they wrote him an open love letter letting him know that it was all spiffy.

     The reason Baldwin get a pass is because he is an otherwise loyal soldier for the left.  The more useful people are to the leftist cause, the more leeway they get.  Just compare Baldwin with Mel Gibson who was openly condemned when he went on an anti-Semitic rant after being pulled over for drunk driving.

     It all comes down to social corporatism.  The left seeks to “coordinate” and “harmonize” different groups.  If they are fighting for that cause, then the “correction” and “harmonization” is a gentle and almost forgiving one.

     But when it is said by the designated enemy (i.e. a straight white “cis-gendered” male – AKA a “Kyriarch“) or by a “Uncle Tom,” then the “harmonization” of the leftist corporatist constituents is served by having them attack a designated enemy.

     A little mood music:


     Hat Tip: Ace of Spades HQ.

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