New York Republican Party Commits Suicide

     New York Gov. Andrew “Madness” Cuomo, has successfully pushed through his anti-civil liberties gun control legislation. The most odious aspect was the limiting of magazines to only seven bullets since most semi-auto pistols have magazines that carry at least ten, Even the venerable M1911 carried eight! While this is a travesty for the millions of law-abiding gun owners in the state of New York, it also sounds the death knell for the Republican Party in the state of New York.

     The Republicans control the state Senate with a coalition of renegade democrats. Even without the Democrats, the Republicans still had 31 of the 63 seats in the State Senate. Despite this, the state senate passed Cuomo’s legislative attack on the Bill of Rights by a greater than 2 to 1 margin of 43-18. This enabled the bill to be rushed through the legislature to Gov. Cuomo in about a day (the Democrats in the Assembly had a 100-49 advantage already). To make matters worse, this was rushed through after a non-public secret deal behind closed doors was struck.

     Here is a list of those who aided and abetted Andrew “Madness” Cuomo’s attack on the 2nd amendment: Mark J. Grisanti, Kenneth LaValle, John J. Flanagan, Philip Boyle, Carl Marcellino, Kemp Hannon, Jack Martins, Charles Fuschillo, Dean Skelos, Martin Golden, and Andrew Lanza. All of these turncoats were from New York city or Long Island. All of the upstate Republicans voted NAY.

     In the Assembly, five Republicans voted YES: Brian Curran, Chad Lupinacci,, David McDonough, Tom McKevitt and Dan Losquadro. Again, the yes voted came from New York City or Long Island. ALL of the upstate Republians voted NAY.

     Clearly, the Republicans in the state of New York can no longer be trusted due to the actions of the New York City and Long Island state Senators. The party has effectively committed suicide. Thankfully, New York as an active and ready alternative to the Republican Party: The Conservative Party in New York.

     Not one Republican outside of New York City or Long Island voted in favor of this monstrosity, while all the YES votes that came from Republicans, came from New York City or Long Island. Perhaps a peaceful division of the state of New York between the urban City (and Long Island), and the more sane parts of the state, is in order.

     I hereby pledge to support the defeat of all Republican Senators in the state of New York who voted for this monstrosity.

     Do not think, though, that just because you do not live in New York state, that you will be immune from this. Already there are calls for additional assaults on the 2nd Amendment in other states. A prominent example comes from Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who demands that gun shows be shut down.

     Considering that Cory Booker is on record as wanting to ban ALL handguns, these so-called “moderate” and “common sense” solutions are clearly just a prelude to eliminating the 2nd Amendment altogether.

     The cancer has firmly rooted itself in New York. Unless we stop it, it will metathesize and spread to every state in the Union.


     Updated: I originally mentioned that the M1911 had eight rounds in the magazine. The gun can hold 8 bullets, but with one chambered in addition to 7 in the magazine. While most magazines that come with M1911-style guns carry more than 7, the original did not. Sorry for that snafu.

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