Socialized Healthcare: “Accelerated Deaths”

     The march of the butchers in socialized medicine continues unabated in Europe.

     France is considering allowing doctors to “accelerate the coming of death.” Not only would they allow patients to refuse treatment and allow doctors to administer painkilling drugs that have a secondary effect of shortening a patient’s life, which would be consistent with a patient having control over their own lives and bodies, as well as allow family members make the decision for an unconscious dying loved one, but allow doctors to withdraw treatment if that treatment is “just” keeping the patient alive. Considering the penchant of some European doctors of harvesting organs of recovering patients whom they deem “braindead,” this should be of great concern for Europeans who care for their loved one’s very survival.

     Belgium, well known for it’s organ harvesting and ready acceptance of medical homicide, is targeting the some of the weakest amongst them: Minor children and people suffering from Alzheimer’s. Minors generally are fare too immature to understand the full ramifications of their decisions, and are prone to impulsive and irrational behaviors. Belgian “doctor’s” can readily take advantage of this to save their socialist system from the burden of the weak. Most egregious, though, is taking advantage of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Such individuals are not in full control of their faculties and are generally of diminished capacity, and vulnerable to a doctor who is pressured to procure organs for transplant.

     Ironically, Belgium has become the first Western European country to kill a prisoner in decades. This was not an execution in the legal sense, but simply “medical” euthanasia. Considering the knee-jerk opposition to executions of prisoners in Western Europe, it begs the question: Just who IS safe from socialized medicine in Europe?

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