Danish Doctors Try to Harvest Organs of Healthy Girl Declared “Brain Dead”

     The slaughter of patients in order to harvest their organs has previously been touched upon, but the horrors just seem to multiply.

Death, Rx

     Recently in Denmark, proud doctors of their socialized “utopia” with all that spiffy “free” medicine, declared a 19 year old girl to be “brain dead” with no hope of recovery, and convinced the parents to donate her organs.  However:

“But Carina Melchior did not die after her respirator was removed. She is now undergoing rehabilitation and may make a full recovery. About 500 people immediately removed their names from Denmark’s organ donor register.”

     What could be more “socialized” then a “redistribution” of your internal organs?  The parents refuse to accept the hospitals apologies:

“Carina’s family is now suing the hospital for damages. Her family’s lawyer claims that she keeps asking whether her doctors were trying to kill her. ‘Those bandits in white coats gave up too quickly because they wanted an organ donor,’ [said] Carina’s father.”

     It would seem that the cost of “free” socialized medicine is not just massive taxes and bureaucracy, but the very trustworthiness, and perhaps also the souls, of those monsters who parade as “doctors.”

     Perhaps Lars von Trier was actually an optimist when it came to Danish healthcare:

     Coming too to America via Obamacare?

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