The REAL Reason Obama Wants College For Everyone

     What is the real reason why Obama wants all children to go to college?

     So he can have more future voters like this:

     College students cheering for Karl Marx?  Considering the “quality” education students are receiving, it is only a wonder that not even more students aren’t members of the modern-day Komsomol:

     It’s  only a matter of time before the liquidation of the Kulaks 1% begins…

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  1. avatar Julie near Chicago says:

    See (among others) “The Black Book of Communism,” by Stéphane Courtois et al., although the book actually underestimates the numbers of the murdered. I believe it can still be downloaded in pdf from

    For a discussion of the book’s contents and attendant controversies, see

    In his review of the book at ,

    Dr. Ronald Radosh writes:

    “The strength and importance of The Black Book is that the compendium of horrors it presents is itself an answer to all the spurious arguments of Communist apologists. It establishes not just that Communist states committed criminal acts, but that they were essentially criminal enterprises.”

    The review is short and readable, and discusses among other things the question of why the Communist mass murders have not roused in the Western public the utter loathing we have toward the Nazis’. It also reminds us of the horror of the Chinese Communists’ regimes, along with an example or two.

    PS. Mr. Hat: I love the way I’m asked to prove I’m “sentient.” In this case, I’m asked, “What is the outer covering of a tree?” –To which, every little nerve-ending in my fingers wishes to answer, “WOOF.” LOLOLOL!!


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