Designated Oppression

     One of the key critical features of Leftist thinking involves seeing the world almost exclusively through the lens of oppressors oppressing the oppressed. It is an axiomatic truth for them that “systems of oppression” exist and so predominate that individual actions and even intent is irrelevant for agency and choice are morally or dialectic ally impossible. Thus someone of an “oppressor” class is always the oppressor who benefits from “unearned privilege” even if they are a straight White homeless guy overdosing on heroin, while someone of an “oppressed class” is always the oppressed who has not privilege to check, even if they are a transgender Black millionaire who moves in influential social circles.

     We are now seeing this happen in real life with how the Gramscian trodden media and other institutions reacted to the school shooting of a Christian school that killed six people including three little kids that was perpetrated by a “trans-man”… specifically how they sounded the danger, not to Christian children, but to transgender individuals.

     An elementary schooler who happens to be Christian and thus an evil H8r and oppressor (and also likely White, to boot), is and must always be considered an oppressor, and thus could never, ever be a victim. A transgender murder of children, however, is oppressed and any violence is simply “justice” against the oppressors as a noble oppressed victim of the systems of oppression could never be the villain.

     Of course, they can’t right out and say exactly that… yet. Instead, they try to excuse what the shooter did by hiding the manifesto she wrote while blaming this all on autism, or even compare her to Jesus on the Cross as if she was some sort of venerable a martyr! Or, at the very least count the murderer as a seventh victim. The media are focusing not on the real victims, but on the hypothetical potential backlash against transgender individuals (which isn’t happening).

This should frighten everybody. We’ve already seen normalization from those in power that the “oppressors” are axiomatically evil, or at least conduits through which the evil of “systems of oppression” operate, and that the oppressed are always justified in destroying those “systems” and their enablers. Killing an oppressor makes you a messianic martyr. When one realizes that Critical Theories can consider “antigenocide” to be proper justice against perceived “genocide” of oppressors”, then is is clear that they feel their “antithesis” as a response to the “thesis” of the oppressors system’s of oppressingly oppressive oppression is an equal an opposite reaction as they believe it to be so under their own “ways of knowing” that is not only justified and necessary, but dictated as inevitable on their walk along the so-called “right side of history” towards the synthesis, or in other words, all is fair in the immanentization of their woke eschaton.

     As Erick Erickson said: “You will be made to care”.

     This will not end well.

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