The Collapse Of South Africa

     The Republic of South Africa was supposed to be a diverse multi-ethnic and multi-racial progressive democracy complete with restorative justice that was supposed to lead to a utopia with flowering meadows and rainbow skies, and rivers made of chocolate, where the children dance and laugh and play with gumdrop smiles.

     Turns out that letting Communist oriented corrupt kleptocracy whose experience was based on terrorism would result in the destruction of an entire nation and a hell on Earth for all races and ethnicities… some more than others.

     Some may insist on a false dilemma fallacy that it was a choice between Apartheid and this, from both the champions of the former and the later. That Botswana, lead by Black Africans and surrounded by former White dominated countries for decades, is one of the most successful and least corrupt countries in Africa belies that false dichotomy. This isn’t about race… it’s about anti-racism being used as the excuse for greed, power, and incompetence.

     It will only get worse.

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