Poe’s Law Is Broken

     That there are people who honestly think that they are, on the inside, animals from cats to imaginary creatures like unicorns, is sadly true. But to think that a school would “accommodate” people who identify as an animal such like a cat seems far too crazy to be real. Why it’s as crazy as a male being able to shower with naked high school girls because said male identifies as a little girl…

     Hence we’ve reached the point of Poe’s Law where news becomes impossible to distinguish from parody, such as this report of a substitute teacher who was fired because she wouldn’t “meow” back to a student who identifies as a cat.

     It’s sensible to be skeptical of such a claim being an attempt at parody or an attempt to fool people. But this isn’t an isolated claim.

     The frightening thing is that these seems plausible enough to want to double check.

     This will not end well for society.

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