The Damage Of Puberty Blockers

     Puberty blockers are being increasingly pushed and used on children as a matter of course under the idea that puberty will just be paused for a while, and that the children can then decide to transition via cross-sex hormones if their transgenderism persists. That they can not become the opposite sex is science. But the idea that all that is happening is that puberty is “put on pause” and that they can just start it up again without any consequences… is also a lie, and a potentially far more dangerous one because it is more believable to those who don’t know better. Thankfully there are those who highlight the lies and provide factual information to the contrary.

     It turns out that puberty blockers don’t allow the body to conform to a transgender child’s transgender brain, but actually change the brain chemistry so it becomes “transgender”, or at least makes the child more likely to persist in their beliefs.

     That other thread mentioned above can be read below:

     Despite this, hospitals are still pushing these dangerous drugs that haven’t been approved by the FDA for blocking the normal development of puberty.

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