Quick Takes – The Woke War On Teachers: Terminating Whistle-blowers; Purging Dissenters; Unions Against Dissidents

     Another “quick takes” on items where there is too little to say to make a complete article, but is still important enough to comment on.

     The focus this time: Teachers who care about their students are doubleplusungood.

     First, a little mood music:

     Carrying on…

     Speak out about hateful racial indoctrination and our “vaunted” system of education will squash you.

“Ramona Bessinger is the Providence, Rhode Island, middle school teacher who blew the whistle on a new Critical Race curriculum that created racial tensions in school, including leading some children to call her ‘America’ because she was white.


“The Providence School District now has notified Bessinger that she is being brought before a pre-disciplinary panel convened on the pretext that she allegedly violated a school safety rule (seriously, that’s what they are going with).”

     Dissent as a private citizen outside of school, and you too could be purged from the teaching profession.

“A math and business teacher at Hanover High School received a termination letter over social media posts she made that expressed her opposition to Critical Race Theory (CRT), as well as the LGBTQ agenda in public schools. The teacher, Kari MacRae, says she has sought out a lawyer and will consider her options. Elected to the Bourne School Board in May 2021, MacRae made TikTok videos for her campaign in which she said she would make sure CRT wouldn’t be taught in Bourne schools, and expressed her opposition to schools teaching that students ‘can choose whether or not they can be a girl or a boy.’ She has refused calls to resign from the school board position.”

     These attacks on dissenting teachers is nothing new, not even from an organization that purports to be their defenders.

“After being compelled to pay thousands of dollars in union dues over 37 years as a teacher, Mary Davenport thought the least it could do was create a harmonious workplace.

“Davenport says she got the opposite, which has taken a toll personally and professionally. The veteran teacher still has five years before retirement, and says she just wants to survive it.

“‘I believe the union and management work together to target certain employees for dismissal, and that has been the case with me,’ said Davenport.

“Davenport claims she is being cited for vague and trivial offenses, like using her computer at work to go on the Internet during break time. She says the union is refusing to represent her, which means she must hire an attorney at her own expense, to provide what she had imagined all those union dues would cover.”


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