Biden Administration Considers Interstate Travel Ban For The Unvaccinated

     The Biden Administration has previously considered travel restrictions due to the ravages of Corona-chan. Now the administration is considering mandating vaccines for interstate travel, effectively banning the unvaxinated from sojourning between states.

“Zients said the White House still has no plans to develop the infrastructure for so-called vaccine passports, despite some criticism from businesses that the patchwork of local and state verification systems leaves them without a clear way to enforce mandates. The Biden administration had promised to share frameworks for verification systems, but ultimately left them all to the private sector and local governments, in part because of political sensitivities.

“Still, while more severe measures — such as mandating vaccines for interstate travel or changing how the federal government reimburses treatment for those who are unvaccinated and become ill with COVID-19 — have been discussed, the administration worried that they would be too polarizing for the moment.

“That’s not to say they won’t be implemented in the future, as public opinion continues to shift toward requiring vaccinations as a means to restore normalcy.”

     However, this would only be feasible for mass travel such as on trains and airplanes.

“If you want to travel to another state by plane or train, where you’ll be around crowds of strangers, proof of vaccination might eventually be required. But if you want to pack the kids into the family truckster and drive down to Florida for a week of unmasked, unvaccinated fun, no one’s going to stop you. It’d be logistically impossible. And insanely divisive at a moment when the country doesn’t need any more reasons to feel divided, especially as regards COVID policy.”

     Of course, many states already have for big rig trucks and even for passenger vehicles with agricultural inspection stations, so it isn’t that impossible to just add in a vaccine check or temperature inspection.

Remember when this scene from Red October was meant to show how free America was compared to a Communist dictatorship?

     Good times…

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