Misgendering The Sandwich

     The Reddit subreddit group “/r/food” banned a person for threatening transgender people by… calling a “chicken burger” a “chicken sandwich”.

This is what transphobic oppression looks like.

In part, from the person who was banned:

“I was scrolling through r/food like I normally do. (Background, My wife and I are both in the culinary industry, so looking at this sub and others like it has been interesting at moments). Just like other times I make comments and praise, just general stuff, however, this time…well, this time it went way off.

“Someone posted a picture, they labeled it [homemade ]Chicken Burger. For me, and most people, a burger is defined as a minced protein that is formed into a patty and placed in a bun. This however, was a piece of chicken that was breaded and fried and then placed in a bun.

“The f-up…

“I posted the comment ‘Chicken Sandwich’……then all hell broke loose.

“Not more then 10 minutes later, I received a notification that I was temporarily banned, 30 days, for ‘shaming’ the op. I asked the mod “how” and they replied with…

“‘Correcting someone in public is public shaming, on top of being incorrect, it’s a pretty shitty comment to leave. The US calls it one thing and other countries call it a burger, it’s a petty argument that we have little patience for. If you can imagine some weirdo walking up to you eating a chicken burger and going aKSUaLY iTs a SaNdwIcH, you would be shown the door’”

     What does this have to do with “misgendering”?   Everything.

     Ah, the proverbial “interesting times”.

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