The Woke Indoctrination Of 8 Year Olds

     The indoctrination by government of Critical Race Theory is not limited to bullying adults: A Cupertino elementary school is bullying eight year old kids into peak wokeness and forcing the youthful “oppressors” to check their privilege with intersectional critical theory! Christopher Rufo yet again has obtained documents from this indoctrination.

     With the exception of the “Kyriarchs” who have nothing but “oppressor” traits, everyone else can claim “victimhood” status, but also be an “oppressor”.

     Almost without exception, all children have at least one “oppressor” or “Kyriarchical” trait, an all are subject to this bullying; however, those who have at least one “victim” trait can exercise real privilege and real power through indoctrination into the Sozialegerechtigkeitjugendi.

     Ironically, due to not being White, these parents were able to stand up against the school without the punishment that an all White group of parents would have faced because of their so-called “privilege”.

     The City Journal article can be found here.

     Support Mr. Rufo at the link below.

     Not only will you, as Erick Erickson would say, be made to care, but your children will be made to believe.

     The slides can be read here or below:

Cupertino Intersectional In… by ThePoliticalHat

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