No, It’s Not Systemic

     Ah yes, Twitter, where one can find astute and insightful commentary such as this.

     Let us look at the crux of the “peanut brain” simplified argument.

     Let’s break this down, shall we?

     Yes, there was segregation, but now-a-days that’s considered a plus. When it comes to funding, schools with predominantly Black classes tend to be well funded, abet run by the Left-most “professionals”—certainly not the KKK.

     Note the conflation of race and socio-economic status. A correlation does not prove that racism, let alone “systemic racism”. The correlation, and causation, is presumed based on historical segregation, but fails to take into account that low socio-economic status has occurred, and still occurs, across racial lines. But this isn’t caused by “systemic racism” or any other “systemic” problem in the United States as if prosperity was the default norm for humaniity. In reality, it is in the United States where people have the freedom to rise above that default and achieve prosperity.

     The presence of police serves to crack down on crime, which is a net benefit to people who are relatively poor compared to other Americans of all races. Just take a gander at the effect of the #DefundThePolice nonsense and limiting policing: Crime goes up, and to paraphrase the NY Times, women and minorities hardest hurt.

     By the “system” (there always has to be a “system of oppression” to blame, isn’t there?), they mean America itself. We memorializes the past, as it is natural and normal to highlight the many, many wonderful people, events, and achievements of America. Confederate memorials were a sop to the losing side in a Civil War fought over the abolition of slavery for the sake of unity.   But this isn’t about Confederate statues, but of iconoclasm against America itself.

     Of note, it is hard to claim “racism” by police when they do the same exact thing to White suspects who resist arrest.

     But the “systemiclie persists, ignoring that slavery was a foreign import that always stood in contrast with the heritage of the Colonials in America, or the Common Law that stood above the rulers. And don’t let an ice cream company convince you otherwise.

     Americans can be guilted by slavery because at America’s core, it was incompatible with it.   Those who accuse America of being “systemically” evil do so because that is compatible with their worldview.

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