When Things Are Allowed To Get Out Of Hand People Die

     The riots lead by wannabe revolutionaries have been allowed to get out of hand by elected politicians who are giving tacit approval, and beyond torching businesses, they are now going out of their way to harass innocent people, even to the point of going to their homes to harass them and block them from leaving from or getting to their homes.

     And who do these pro-riot elected politicians actually go after? People who are trying to defend themselves from the insurrectionist mob. They will let Antifa, et al., run free to engage in violence and arson, but will drop the hammer of the state on anyone who dares defend themselves from the de facto government approved mob.  But what choice do some people have? Is it really so surprising that people will go full “Roof Korean”, and stand up to protect themselves from these hyperviolent wannabe revolutionaries even with the elected politicians trying to aid and abet these murderous scum?

     And when that happens, people won’t just get beaten by Antifa, but people are going to die… and it already has happened. A Trump supporter was killed by #BlackLivesMatter/Antifa supporters in Portland. These monsters are willing to kill in order to destroy America, and prove yet again that their “justice” is nothing more than mob rule.

     Is it any surprise, then, that people will fight back, even with lethal force if necessary? A seventeen year old kid shot three rioters and killed two, and is being charged with murder. While going vigilante is obviously is bad idea, and possessing a weapon while underage is a serious charge that could stick, the kid is anything but some White supremacist who went to Kenosha to just start shooting.   While there are probably many facts and evidence that will come out during his trial, there is video of the incident that clearly shows him trying to flee a murderous mob. That means that since he wasn’t the aggressor, his actions were self-defense and surviving attacker who only regretted not murdering that kid is the one who ought to be charged with attempted murder.

     This isn’t cosplay. This isn’t a video game.   If you want to play “revolutionary”, do try to remember that in reality people fight back.

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