Institutional Privilege of the Revolution

     One of the core articles of faith in #BlackLivesMatter is that the police are agents of systemic racism who exist only to oppress—because not helping a protesters/revolutionaries control where people can travel and attacking cars that don’t knuckle under to the protesters/revolutionaries is now oppression.

     In a twitter thread, that left the protesting twit literally shaking, a woman claimed to be oppressed and tried to explain how that not being able to control where people can travel and attacking cars that don’t knuckle under to the protesters/revolutionaries makes the police and innocent motorists the oppressors.

     That twitter thread will now be fisked.

A fisking! A fisking!

     Videos are available at the Thread Reader collection of the tweets.

“Let me speak on what happened in Georgetown tonight. #DCprotest #georgetownkaren

“Tonight [REDACTED] led a siren/noise pollution protest where we blocked off streets in Georgetown. The police presence was heavy. As we blocked off streets we demanded that people turn around. This was a minor inconvenience for this affluent white neighborhood.”

     Controlling the streets and telling people turn around with the expectation that that will happen is a demonstration of actual “institutional power” and an expectation of actual “institutional privilege”.

“As we blocked streets, certain drivers got annoyed and attempted to maneuver their way around us. This particular white woman tried to cut through a gas station. Me and a couple other protestors stood in front of her car and demanded she turn around. Instead she steps on the gas.

“In the video above, she had already attempted to run us over multiple times and I had moved from the front of the car to the side and was banging on her window screaming at her to stop. Throughout this whole thing, the cops are doing nothing.”

     Surrounding and harassing someone just because they won’t blindly obey your illegal demands doesn’t put you in the right. In fact, it makes you the baddie.   The woman in the car was clearly trying to get away from these aggressive lunatics. It must have been terrifying for the woman in the car.

     BTW, the term for someone who drives through a corner gas station to avoid stopping at the intersection is known as an “Essoasso”.

“Finally cops come but instead of arresting this woman, or asking for her ID, registration, etc., they turn towards us and begin pushing us. We are BEGGING them to arrest this woman who just tried to run over protestors repeatedly.

“Police continue to REFUSE to arrest this white woman, citing that since she stayed on the scene (only because we blocked her from leaving) she did not have “intent” and could not be charged nor arrested.”

     That’s because you and your comrades were the baddies who instigated the situation.

     Oh, the irony of anti-police protesters demanding that the police “do their job” and arrest someone!

     Spoiler: If we get rid of the cops people who are confronted by revolutionary lunatics won’t wait patiently for the non-existent police to show up; they will hit the gas.

“After about 40 minutes, police FINALLY ask for her ID and she claims she is too scared to give it to them because protestors ‘might take it’. In the meantime myself and other witnesses give our information to officers.”

     A legitimate concern.

“After all this time of pushing protestors and protecting this violent white woman, the MPD LET HER DRIVE HOME. Shoving and grabbing protestors who tried to stop her. Police treated us like threats, when she was clearly dangerous.”

     That woman in the car didn’t create this situation, you and your comrades did. The fact that no one was driven over and killed/needed an ambulance in this little account does indeed show that the woman in the car not only had no ill intent, but that she showed amazing calm while surrounded by screaming violent lunatics.

“I am exhausted. My hands are shaking. I am angry. As the nation returns to complacency, we are still out here. We are still being killed. We are still being brutalized. For every second our nation forget about us we get angrier. WE DESERVE MORE. WE NEED MORE.”

     You need to get off the road and harassing innocent people who just want to get from point A to point B.

     Do note, also, the clear lack of protesters being killed by the police that the protesters were begging to “do their job”.

“Police didn’t do shit. They have never done shit. Will never do shit. And will never BE shit. Fuck the police. This is a hate crime. Find this woman.

“Lemme clarify, police have always done the WRONG SHIT. Still will never be shit. ACAB.”

     They intervened to protect that lady from you. But perhaps the police should do their jobs and arrest you and your comrades for pulling this s**t.

     And yes, this woman really does think that people not blindly obeying her orders is a “hate crime”.   So, just remind me who really has assumed themselves to have “institutional privilege”?

“Follow [REDACTED] for more protest information, there is another protest tomorrow at 6:30.

“Goodnight I need to self care.

“This is exactly why we need to defund MPD. MPD does not protect citizens utilizing their right to protest, they protect a woman who tried to run over protestors. Police DON’T keep us safe. The only thing police are good at is brutalizing Black people. DEFUND MPD.”

     The only brutality here was the clear threat of violence against the woman in the car.

     The clear presumption of “institutional privilege” and exercise of “institutional power” was completely in the hands of the protestors/revolutionaries, and they expect to be obeyed in their new woke world order.


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