Trial Balloon For Tyranny

     One thing that is becoming very clear is that the “commune” in the “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)”, now renamed “CHOD”, is that they are not revolutionaries trying to overthrow the established order to achieve a woke paradise—they are the vanguard of the establishment which has already been compromised and taken over from the inside.

     From ignoring violations of firearms laws that would result in a police SWAT team breaking into some otherwise law-abiding citizens home with all guns blazing, to the sheer fact that the City of Seattle is, not just tolerating, but outright endorsing and subsidizing this revolutionary commune by actually using city personnel and assets to help them secure their barricade, let alone still providing water, electricity, and EMS services for free.

     This isn’t a “revolution” from the “rising of the proletariat from the streets”, but rather an institutional power flexing its muscle and letting its freak flag fly while testing the boundaries of what it can get away with.

New Logo for the City of Seattle.

     This is far more insidious and dangerous than an overt revolution and take over. Their revolutionary aims can be met, not by replacing the “systems of oppression” and power, but by taking them over, and through corrupt neglect, allow the “revolutionary” communal “non-governments” to exercise power without interference or restraint. This is especially insidious when said governments’ negligence is selective in favor of the “revolutionaries” and consequently still used against the “enemies” of the “revolution” who might be able to oppose said “revolutionaries” in a true period of anarchy.

     It is a sort of selective libertarian-statism towards creating an anarcho-syndicalist “paradise”/hellhole.

     This is treason by the Mayor (and supporting City Council) of Seattle, if not also on up to the county and even state leadership.

     A little less treasonable anarchy mood music.

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