The Return of Corona-chan

     Did you think that just because people decided to go out to either try at a return to normalcy or to engage in arson and looting, that the Coronavirus would just disappear as if it were some invented plot?

     Think again.   Corona-chan never really left.

     We’re already seeing some places start to reach dangerously high hospitalization rates, including beds quickly filling up in parts of South Carolina, Imperial County in California now having to send people out-of-county due to having reached capacity, surge capacity in parts of Alabama, Arizona running out of lung machines, and higher rates throughout most of California’s counties.

     So much declaration of certainty, when there is still so much we don’t know.

     And let’s face it, even if it does get worse, there will be no more “lockdowns”, and while some people will continue to wear masks and physically distance from each other, others will go whole hog trying to become potential vectors. Even without official orders, many places are having to shut down, even if temporarily, because they’ve been, in the post-lockdown period, due to infections from employees or customers.

     Of course, even in Communist China, with all their totalitarian tools of repression available, they still haven’t gotten Corona-chan under control.

     The year 2020 ain’t half over yet, and Corona-chan ain’t goin’ nowhere.

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