American Innovation In The Age Of Quarantine

     What’s a business, like a strip club, to do when it’s declared a non-essential service?

     Become an essential service… while still staying true to it’s core business model.

“In an effort to keep his dancers and kitchen staff employed during the coronavirus lockdown, a strip club owner in Portland, Ore., has created ‘Boober Eats.’ The service brings pub fare, delivered by strippers clad in booty shorts and nipple pasties, straight to the customer’s door.

“Shon Boulden, owner of the Lucky Devil Lounge, came up with the ingenious rebrand following Gov. Kate Brown’s mandate to shut down all ‘non-essential’ businesses, which follows the national trend of restaurants and bars remaining open on a delivery and takeout basis only. Boulden tells The Oregonian that the idea began as a joke he’d shared on social media. But when his community began to ask him for details on the service, he realized the business model had real-world potential.”

     While this may be a more humorous example of the ability of the free market to adapt in ways that some government central planner could ever imagine, it does underscore just how important a free market without excessive regulations or restrictions for providing economic resiliency.

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