Venezuela: Is Reality Setting In?

     After a year of over five-thousand innocent Venezuelans dead, including targeted assassination, amongst other abuses of power, people are still willing to stand up against the tyrant Maduro, and his friends in other countries.

     Yet, while Maduro seems happy to stand up against Venezuelans, he doesn’t seem very capable of standing up against the foreign powers that are propping him up. Russian soldiers are actively involved in military missions, perhaps to protect their future interest in Venezuela’s oil company. Ironic, then, that Maduro and Chavez before him destroyed their country in order to keep a firm and exclusive nationalist grip on their oil industry. It has gotten so bad that a foreign ambassador has been made a member of the Venezuelan cabinet—Bolivar must be spinning in his grave.

     But there are signs that end end may be near for the Maduro regime. Either it will fall and be nothing more than a vassal of foreign nations, or perhaps the opposition will rise, opposition to the free market will fall, and the Monroe doctrine be revised.

     Sadly, even this abject failure of socialism in Venezuela hasn’t stopped some from thinking that it wasn’t just “done right” and it’ll be different if they tried it

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