Biology Fail

     This is a nice sentiment.

     However when one looks at the full image…

     Ah, the miracle of birth, a beautiful thing where a man gives birth to a baby through his cloaca…

     Wait LOL Wut?

     Biology doesn’t work that way. It’s not correct—it isn’t even wrong.

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3 Responses to Biology Fail

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  2. avatar Jacob Blaustein says:

    “Biology doesn’t work that way. It’s not correct—it isn’t even wrong.”

    Men can be born with wombs dumbass:

    And the wombs of transpeople work:

    Among humans, there is a huge diversity of sexual development. Sex and gender are complicated; many elements go into their making. The following pieces are all needed in the development/construction of complete femaleness or maleness:

    Sex chromosomes – xx for a female, xy for a male

    Primary sex characteristics – vagina, ovaries and uterus for a female, penis and testes for a male

    Brain Sex – not masculinized for a female, masculinized for a male

    Gender Identity – “woman” for a female, “man” for a male

    Gender Expression – “feminine” for a female, “masculine” for a male

    Hormones and secondary sexual characteristics – high estrogen and progesterone for a female, high testosterone for a male

    At any point in the development process, one of these elements might swerve from the norm. A difference at any of these levels creates some form of “gender variance.” This applies to sexualities as well which are separate from gender.

    Also, for each of these different sexually dimorphic traits, some people’s anatomies will fall “in between” or “outside of” what most people consider to be standard for female or male.

    As one example, some people with androgen insensitivity have XY chromosomes, internal testes, and external female genitalia. Traits, including hormone levels, can also vary widely both within and across sexes. But people who fall outside of what’s considered normal face discrimination. Take South African runner Caster Semenya, who was recently the subject of a ruling that ordered her to lower her naturally high testosterone levels to compete with other female runners — even though studies have shown that because testosterone levels are so highly variable, there’s overlap between the natural testosterone levels of men and women.

    Students are often inaccurately taught that all babies inherit either XX or XY sex chromosomes, and that having XX chromosomes makes you female, while XY makes you male. In reality, people can have XXY, XYY, X, XXX, or other combinations of chromosomes — all of which can result in a variety of sex characteristics. It’s also true that some people with XX chromosomes develop typically male reproductive systems, and some people with XY chromosomes develop typically female reproductive systems.

    Accordingly, “some people may cross-dress, some may want to socially transition,” and others may decide to medically transition with hormone therapies or gender affirmation surgery notes the American Psychiatric Association.

    And those who do so are almost always shown to be in good health:

    • The Political Hat The Political Hat says:

      Based on the first two links, you are not only wrong, you don’t even grok what right is.

      People are not born with a penis and a cloaca connected to a healthy womb. Anyone even close to that is suffering from one or more serious medical conditions.

      In the first case is someone with a medical condition which required medical intervention, in the later is isn’t even natural.

      Spot checking most of the rest, it is yet again ideology constraining science to validate an unscientific point of view.